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What is Freestyle Music?
It is a form of dance music that came into existence with the decline of disco music in the early Eighties.  It's primary audience was young Italians, Jewish, and Latinos primary Puerto Ricans.  It had many nicknames like Latin Hip Hop or just plain dance or club music. 


The purpose of this website is to keep the Freestyle Movement and culture alive.  It will be a mixture of the old school artists such as Coro, Judy Torres, TKA, Lil Suzy, Sweet Sensation , and New Schoolers such as Dengel, Nu Image, Freeze, Manny, Ashley etc.  This site will promote the future of this great music format while embracing its glorious history.

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Please people support your freestyle music with out showing that their is a large fanbase then freestyle music will never get played on the radio or in the clubs.  Call up the radio stations to request songs or just to play more freestyle.  Go to the concerts and events. There is a perfect opportunity to do this almost every weekend in the NYC Metropolitan Area.  Go to tapings of the Diamante Show which is always a blast with the hosts Artie Rodriguez and Ayna.
Fans often worry about wether a song is new school or old school or if its in the freestyle category at all but in the past we never used to cateragize freestyle at all except if it was a good or bad song and that is how it should be now.  Back in time Freestyle had many varieties in styles such as Miami sound, NY sound, and even a latin house sound like 2 In A Room which was considered Freestyle back in the day and still is Freestyle.

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